emPowered HR Dispute Resolution is Your Solution

Our services at emPowered HR Dispute Resolution help create a peaceful workplace environment, saving management time and energy while mitigating burnout and supporting productivity.

 It is cost-efficient as it can help retain vital employees which eliminates the rising costs of finding and training replacement staff.

emPowered HR dispute resolution services can mitigate potential complaints or lawsuits from being filed, or even help settle those claims that are already filed against an employee or business.

When you need that human touch in human resources, you want to hire someone with the experience and training necessary to resolve and solve your workplace conflicts.

 You want to work with emPowered HR Dispute Resolution because Deanna and her team work with you to resolve the underlying issues and improve employee morale and increase productivity!


About Deanna


Why use emPowered HR Dispute Resolution services?

The Value of Mediation in Your Business

In the business world, the employee is one “asset” you don’t want to (and can’t afford to) lose. A dispute of any kind between management and the employee or between employees can be harmful and if the business loses an employee from misunderstandings, personality conflicts, hurt feelings, or conflict within, it can be devastating.

Deanna works with business owners, managers, and HR managers to resolve workplace issues through an array of transformative mediation services, whether two employees are involved or thirty.


of voluntarily exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job


more profitable when employees are highly engaged


of employees say employee recognition is most important to them. (Help your employees be seen and heard through effective communication.)

Find out how emPowered HR Dispute Resolution can RESOLVE your HR issues and foster an environment of peace and productivity.

Balancing the power and control between disputing parties helps people communicate more effectively.   Help your employees communicate today by contacting us.

We foster connection with human interactions with understanding for human nature.

Deanna Longtin has orchestrated more than

400 Mediations

Leverage Deanna's

33 years of business experience

More than

13 years of experience in the legal profession

emPowered HR is solution through resolution.


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