emPowered HR Dispute Resolution is the solution for you when unruly employees or coworkers create conflict or when overwhelming disruptions are caused by flexible work schedules, shared jobs, or staff returning to the office.

If you are at a loss as to how to correct the course…

Resolution is the solution.

emPowered HR Dispute Resolution Services

Whether in a group or one-to-one, having a passion for the process provides an environment conducive to expressing the feelings, thoughts, and ideas necessary for both reasoning and resolution, repairing work relationships for parties who need to work closely together or just co-exist in peace.

We can help resolve workplace conflict with one-to-one, small-group, or large-group dispute resolution by moderating or mediating discussions for varied issues such as continual failure to follow rules, policies, and procedures or we can help you improve morale and productivity by leading a brainstorming activity to generate solvent ideas for ongoing issues (known or unknown).

Each of our membership programs includes a benefits package portfolio with an array of services designed to support you, your company, and your culture to the degree that is most beneficial for you and your individual needs.

Discovery Calls: Discovery calls provide an opportunity for you to discuss your current issue and concerns about staff to collaborate, and begin to brainstorm solutions and the right strategy for emPowered to assist you.

Resolution Session Hours: These sessions include time spent for orientation and investigation which includes confidential interviews and conversation with the parties, as well as the resolution sessions with all participants.

Bi-Weekly Think Tank (via Zoom): This peer-to-peer think tank lead by Deanna is your opportunity to brainstorm staff issues with other owners, managers, and HR directors. These video chats will occasionally include HR and business consultant guest speakers to expand your knowledge and provide valuable insight.

Resource Page: This private link is included with your program membership and provides access to our growing resource library.

Weekly Newsletter – Submit your questions and Deanna and her team will address and answer them in your customized weekly newsletter with advice on different ways to handle conflict and disputes.

Benefits of HR dispute resolution for companies and employees!

Potential impact realized by a company when they offer a desirable benefits package that includes a neutral, third-party dispute resolution process.

  • Increased employee productivity and company profitability through a healthy workplace environment
  • Higher overall morale
  • Efficiency driven by eliminating hassle
  • Decreased daily drama that weighs down supervisors and advisory staff
  • Saved time and energy throughout your organization by mitigating unnecessary emotional turmoil and distraction
  • Retain valuable employees
  • Recruit high-caliber employees
Today’s workforce wants to feel supported and valued in the workplace and our transformative mediation packages can help you attract and retain top talent.

Benefits of HR dispute resolution for employees!

  • Mitigates the overall toxic workplace
  • Creates a feeling of care and concern from their employer
  • Feel valued
  • Feel at ease knowing if they have a dispute in the workplace they have a policy for solution
  • Assists employees in working closely together by establishing boundaries
  • Creates a program of accountability to ensure that boundaries are continuously respected

Potential benefits are endless!

Working with emPowered is EASY and SIMPLE

When you contact emPowered, we will listen to your issues and discuss a plan of action and logistics that works for your business. That plan of action will include a confidential gathering of information, including orientations and interviews of various parties involved, either on-site at your business to save downtime and costs, or you can utilize our various meeting rooms to maintain neutrality. The decision will be yours.

No matter where we meet, early intervention is key for resolving workplace issues before they get out of hand.

Examples of disputes and issues YOU CAN TRUST us to handle for you!

  • Personality conflicts
  • Misunderstanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Failure to follow rules, policies, and procedures
  • Mediate complaints and lawsuits that have been filed:
    • More efficient, less expensive, less stressful option
    • Helps narrow the issues between the parties to facilitate compromise and settlement
    • Helps get an accurate sense of the strength of each party’s position
    • Avoids the uncertainty and unpredictability of trial
  • Prevent a complaint or lawsuit from being filed with early intervention
  • Issues between management v. employee or employee v. employee

Deanna balances power so both employers and employees are free to express their concerns and feel heard.

Entrust your dispute resolution to Deanna. She will help you to both find your voice and listen to others’.

Hard conversations can be handled with a soft approach. When you need that human touch in human resources, you want to hire someone with the experience, training and legal expertise to resolve and solve your workplace conflicts.

emPowered is solution through resolution.


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