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emPowered HR Dispute Resolution is empowering AZ employers and employees to eliminate the toxic workplace and improve employee culture and morale.

A cost-effective and efficient alternative to expensive litigation to settle in-house disputes between staff, as well as employee complaints and lawsuits, emPowered’s services can help you resolve disputes through its transformative mediation process.

emPowered is for anyone in the workplace looking for resolution to their everyday workplace struggles.

Deanna Longtin believes in relief over restlessness.

To ensure no one in the workplace feels hopeless, helpless, or lost, Deanna has developed emPowered HR Dispute Resolution to resolve conflict and eliminate the toxic workplace through transformative mediation.

emPowered’s founder, Deanna Longtin, began her mission during her 30 plus years of business experience, owning and operating several businesses. For the past 13 years, Deanna has been an attorney and transformative mediator, running her own law firm for most of that period. During that time and throughout her mediation experience, Deanna had a vision as to the positive effect her mediation service could have on the HR world.

Deanna’s professional and business experience paved the way for the creation of emPowered HR Dispute Resolution. She saw that transformative mediation’s main goal to not force a compromise between parties but instead to help disputing parties be heard, to see each other’s perspective, and to brainstorm solutions that work for everyone would be an excellent and powerful resolution in the workplace.

Transformative mediation is an effective tool to resolve disputes for employees who need to continue a professional relationship, whether working closely together or just co-existing in peace.

Transformative Mediation. Not your typical mediation.

Transformative mediation isn’t about scorching the earth, or parties shuttling back and forth between rooms.

Transformative mediation is an effective form of dispute resolution that involves balancing the power and control of the parties involved. The loudest voice in the room is not always the person in control; it can be the person who is shut down and withdrawn. Deanna Longtin and her team listen to what isn’t being said as much as what is.

At emPowered HR Dispute Resolution, we use transformative mediation to get to the underlying issues of the disagreement. Most often, a disagreement or dispute is actually about something from the past, perhaps a loss of trust or respect or an incident completely unrelated to the current issue. We’ll help you uncover the issues and get to the heart of the matter to solve and resolve it.

About Deanna Longtin

Deanna Longtin is an experienced mediator who adds a human touch to human resources dispute resolution.

Deanna turned her attention to mediation, after a long and successful career practicing law, as she found her true passion was to resolve problems between parties, instead of taking a side in a conflict.

Her mediation clients benefit from her 33 years of experience in a vast array of legal focuses including business and employment law, and she brings that knowledge and capacity to resolving your disputes.

Deanna understands business. She has a varied education and background which will benefit you through emPowered’s services.

She has the personal and professional experience to understand the emotional and mental aspects (and sometimes the trauma) experienced by the parties when working relationships break down, as they often do when rapport or trust is broken resulting in workplace disputes.

Deanna’s Credentials

Deanna Longtin obtained her law license in North Dakota in 2010 and became licensed in Arizona in 2020. She was one of the first court-appointed mediators in North Dakota and has conducted or participated in more than 400 mediations to date.

She is certified in family law mediation and in civil and employment law mediation.

Deanna Longtin understands human nature.

Deanna knows human nature and understands your issues are of paramount importance to the culture and health of your business. She uses both her intellect and intuition to provide effective services that incorporate kindness and compassion to connect your staff with one another.

Her knowledge, experience, wisdom, and insight is applied to help others see opportunities where once they could only see issues, leading to an emPowered workforce.

She helps people to communicate as human resources begin and end with human relations.

Let Deanna help you relate.

emPowered is solution through resolution.


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